What People Have Said About Andrew

"You are a great advocate of the ABCs. Your attention to get things right from a solid foundation is great to see, . . . I also really appreciate the relationships you have fostered within in Civil and Group and how you are using your influence and networking there. I also appreciate your willingness to reach out to other and offer advice based on your experience - a really engaging trait. Keep being that ‘considered’ voice as that debate develops. Great work Andy! "
--Head of Data Operations, Data Solutions and Insights, Rolls-Royce, July 2023

"It is also difficult to influence them to ‘open up’ as they are all to used to operating in silos, but that is also beginning to change. I appreciate the challenges you have faced, but also feel that you have navigated them very well. Getting strong team connections is often difficult due to pressing local issues, but you have found a way to influence and draw our team together. "
--Head of Data Operations, Data Solutions and Insights, Rolls-Royce, January 2023

"Andy's strengths are his always positive attitude and his willingness to take on any assignment that is requested of him. He assisted several projects while continuing to support Group IT and his previous responsibilities. Another strength is that he is willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. "
--Head of Digital Capability, Rolls-Royce, January 2022

"Andy works well within our values. He treats others well and people enjoy working with him. Andy is willing to speak his mind and provide his opinion. He has confidence in applying his expertise. "
--Anonymous Feedback for 2021

"He is willing to take on any task, handles uncertainty well, and drives tasks to completion. He is pleasant to work with. "
--Anonymous Feedback for 2021

"He collaborates well with external vendors, keeps it simple, and doesn’t get caught up in the marketing pitch. By keeping it simple, he is able to cut through the complexity and give a thoughtful opinion. "
--Anonymous Feedback for 2021

"Andy helped me out a lot with the Quest project. It required someone with database skills. Andy was willing and able to help me whenever I needed him. He met and exceeded any timelines the project had. We could not have gotten the technical documents completed without his help. Andy is a pleasure to work with. I wish we had more people with his attitude. "
--Anonymous Feedback for 2021

"Andrew has been doing a fantastic job and I really appreciate everything he has been able to accomplish here. "
--IT Applications Manager, Manufacturing and Logistics Holding Company, January 2019

"Thank you so much . . . I have heard nothing but good things about you . . . and frankly, I don’t know how we would have made it through our . . . project without you. My own experience is that your communication has been great, your attitude is always helpful, and you have been willing to pull with the team. In addition, your humor lightened our days. It has been a pleasure to work with you. "
--Lisanne Lombardo, Senior Project Manager, Aon, November 2017

"Andy is an excellent communicator with a passion for his craft. This combination makes him effective in disparate data environments with multiple stakeholders. He has a desire for growth and personal continuous improvement. We were fortunate to have him on our global BI project team. "
--Ryan Polk, President, Brand Group Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc. (MAG), December 2016

"I had the pleasure to work with Andrew during my time at BrightPoint from 2009 to 2012. We have worked together on several global projects where Andrew was the principal data architect. As an example, we worked together on the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution including data from two different ERP solutions installed across three different continents. Andrew’s detailed technical knowledge and business experience proved crucial for the success of the project. Andrew always has a structured approach to the tasks and challenges ahead and is great at communicating technical problems and solutions to a wider audience. Besides his knowledge and great professionalism, I really enjoyed the positive attitude and his willingness to share his knowledge among colleagues. I greatly recommend Andrew and would be happy to work with him again. "
--Philip Eriksson, Manager, Business Intelligence, Brightpoint EMEA, August 2012

"I worked with Andrew on a custom BI solution at Brightpoint. Andrew was added to an existing team and not only rapidly came up to speed, but was able to quickly start adding value and thought provoking questions and ideas. His knowledge and past experience were evident and very valuable. He is a great team member and easily makes connections to those who work with him!"
--Ben Becker, Consultant, Brightpoint North America, July 2012

"I really appreciate your contribution to Brightpoint. You have been a real asset to the team since your arrival – intellectually, technically, and attitudinally. Thank you!!"
--Senior Vice President and CIO, Brightpoint North America, July 2010

"Your work has contributed significantly to the success of Tempur-Pedic.  Your commitment to the company and our associates is an inspiration to all of us who work with you."
--VP Strategic Sourcing, Tempur-Pedic International, September 2008

"Andy's contribution to Tempur-Pedic in general and to IT in particular has been significant. First and foremost he is the driving force behind the evolution of the company's analytical and reporting capabilities. "
--VP and CIO, Tempur-Pedic International, July 2008

"Andy is one of the most customer-centric IT professionals I have known. He has a collaborative style that creates a spirit of mutual support and cooperation – this sense of urgency permeates throughout his team. He has consistently demonstrated his value to the business and my organization by facilitating better decision support tools. I truly value his many contributions and dedication. "

--James Miranda, Vice President - Finance & Accounting, Tempur-Pedic International, May 2008

"Andrew manages projects with a diligent approach. He has great customer relationship skills with the ability to translate difficult technical implementations into easy to understand solutions. I would be glad to have Andrew as part of my team again. "

--Derek Vent, Systems Director, Strategic Energy, April 2008

"Andy has very strong analytical and business management skills, and has a thorough knowledge of information technology. As a self-starter and one driven to deliver results, Andy manages his time, projects, team, etc. in an efficient manner. Andy is able to quickly assess a situation, make recommendations, and implement needed actions. Andy has the respect of his team and business partners."

--Director of IT Infrastructure, Tempur-Pedic International, December 2007

"You're sort of like the Wizard of Oz. Poof, things get done."

--Senior Marketing Analyst, Progress Telecom, October 2006

“Andy, nice, mild mannered, excellent communication skills.”

“If he doesn’t have the answer I am looking for, he will help find that answer.”

“Follows up and ensures that systems and anything under his responsibility are completed in a timely manner and correct the first time.”

--Anonymous Customer Feedback from 2005 performance review

“Andy accepted the lead for IT transition of applications when PTL (Progress Telecom LLC) entered merger status and never let it go.  He maintained oversight to be sure all analysts were in synch with most transition activities and related milestones.  He was strong in his ability to adapt and work with PGN (Progress Energy) as we moved through changes at an accelerated pace.”

--Director, IT Program Management, Progress Telecom, June 2004

“People find Andy trustworthy and he is known for his follow through on commitments.  This is supported by his fellow employees (both within IT and external to IT) continually seeking his counsel on business problems.”

--Director OSS Implementation, Progress Telecom,January 2002 

"That Andy . . .what a find. He is truly a wonderful person to work with and his results are superior."

--Senior Vice President and General Manager, Progress Telecom, Jan 2000

"While Andy was reviewing our web site in the initial stages, he found a "hole" in FPC's network security. As a result, Andy was appointed to a special IT committee to solve the security problem."

--Manager of Marketing, Progress Telecom, June 2000

"Andrew is never satisfied with the status-quo. He constantly re-invents processes, streamlines analytical approaches . . ."

"Andrew attacks challenging assignments in an intelligent and creative manner. His "City of Florida" analysis incorporated an unprecedented approach of automatically recalculating hundreds of thousands of customer bills in order to more accurately gauge the financial impacts associated with the impact of "bundling minutes" and local footprint expansion."

--Manager of Product and Market Planning, GTE Wireless, February 1999

"Andy uses clear, concise and effective language in his dealings with people." "He displays decisiveness and good sound judgment."

--Senior Auditor, GTE Service Corp., March 1997

"Andy has also been recognized by his peers for his knowledge of networks, internet and PC's. Many staff members from different locations contact Andy for his expertise."

--Audit Manager, GTE Service Corp, February 1997

"Andy exceeded expectations by providing additional audit steps and methods to support the effectiveness and efficiency of the Systems Support process and to identify any control weaknesses."

--Senior Auditor, GTE Service Corp., December 1996

Andy's "knowledge and ability to maximize automation" is his strength., June 1995

"Andy is able to effectively communicate his thoughts and ideas to executive management.", September 1994

--Manager of Internal Audit, First Federal Bank of Kansas City